The Beauty of Fiction

Fiction is a beautiful medium that shows the world as what it can and could be vs what it was.

Fiction allows for the reader to understand the ideal they could be, if they took specific qualities from the characters they liked.

It also emphasizes a basis of empathy and compassion in comparison to cold hard facts.

Emotionally fiction has a direct correlation with managing your emotions as it provides to you a private escape.

This in turn gives the characters access to our hearts in ways that nonfiction could never do.

Fiction enhances your imagination and in doing so could bleed this enhancement into other parts of your life.

This allows for the improvement of other creative mediums such as art or music.

Im conclusion the beauty of fiction is what it brings to you. Emotional stability, an ideal person to emulate, and enhanced creativity.

Find out more about the beauty of fiction in this article by J.A. Andrews

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