Why You Should Write One Page A Day

There is a huge difference between people who do write once per day and those who don’t.

People who write at least one page per day are known to have better handwriting and a higher vocabulary.

It will enable you to have a higher aptitude for creativity as well as an easier time forming creative thoughts.

You will sound more literate when you speak and people who write once a day and on average have a calmer temperament.

Writing is a great and easy way to relieve stress as well as track your day to day moods and thoughts.

It is also an extremely lucrative skill with a plethora of online job opportunities, although your ability to write will need to be practiced and perfected if you wish to profit from this skill.

In conclusion just by writing one page per day you can put yourself ahead of the curve in terms of literacy, creativity, and opportunity.

#5onFri: Five Benefits of Writing Every Day

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