Why I Write

I write for the freedom writing brings me.

To be able to put my thoughts to paper and start to see the potential of my own creativity.

The characters I can create, to the story’s I can make. To unburden the traumas of my past.

To understand my experiences and my thoughts.

As a way to explain to me why I made the decisions I made.

Why I regret the things I regret and what my moral alignment really is.

I get to decide the character I want to be and the direction I want to go in.

I begin to understand my true creative potential and what I can bring to the table in my professional and private life.

By writing I increase my skill set dramatically. My potential opportunities to influence and expand are greater than they have ever been before.

I begin to see the doors to unlimited possibilities through the power of a pen.

I begin to see the freedom writing brings me.

Check out my other post on writing yourself into existence. https://wp.me/petSLf-x

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