15 Ways to Improve Your Romantic Relationships

1. Be realistic

Be realistic in what your expecting to get from this relationship. If you want the person to grow, but don’t think they’re capable of giving what you want, than ease up instead of doubling down.

2. Communicate

Everyone wants a relationship where the other person just gets them. If you can find that then great, but don’t go in expecting them to be able to read your mind . Respectfully communicate what your feeling and respectfully listen.

3. Room for growth

Allow for growth. A big mistake in relationships is not wanting the other person to change. They’re going to. The real question is can you adapt to these changes in a healthy way.

4. Self Care

Take care of yourself. Having someone to care for you is great, but don’t mistake them for a parent. You have to take care of yourself if you want someone to care for you.

5. Honesty

Be honest. If you aren’t honest than you’ll never have a healthy relationship. Show up if your going to and don’t lie if you aren’t going to be there.

6. Do not manipulate

Avoid manipulation. If you are having a disagreement, don’t try to manipulate your partner to get what you want. Work through the disagreement while keeping an open mind

7. Show affection

Don’t stop dotting on your partner just because the relationship isn’t new. They still need the reinforcement.

8. Keep your friends

Have other people. Do not make your partner into your best friend. They’re not. Make sure you talk to your friends about subjects your partner doesn’t want to know about.

9. Practice

Relationships aren’t magic. It’s work that gets easier the more time you spend on them. So be patient.

10. Don’t pretend

Authenticity matters. Pretending to be someone your not, just for that person to find out later down the road is never going to make for a permanent relationship.

11. Bring up new topics

Don’t keep the conversation stale. Bring up new topics so the relationship doesn’t become a broken record.

12. Make time.

Schedule dates. If you can’t find time for a date, than make time. No relationship works without dates.

13. Manners

Manners matter. You are never too good for someone to be polite. Say thank you and please.

14. The Little Things

Remember the small things that made you fall in love in the first place and don’t constantly bring up someone’s mistakes.

15. Boundaries

Learn boundaries. Set boundaries on what you find acceptable and how much time you guys need together, as well as apart. A relationship where you can’t focus on improving yourself from time to time will never last.

In short, you can have a love that lasts but it’s going to take some work. Hopefully you found at least 1 of these 15 tips helpful in your romantic relationship.

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