6 Steps to Grow Your First Plant

1. Get Attached

If you get a plant or a bunch of flowers, and forget it exists and don’t really care about checking on it, than it will react like a neglected child and wither and die. You need to treat it like a kid. Has it had breakfast today, did it go outside or has it just been sitting in the dark all day. It’s a slight mindset difference that will decide if your plant lives longer than a week.

2. Read the Tag

The tag for the plant you bought comes with a simple set of instructions on how to water it, how much sunlight it needs, where to position it, and what type of dirt it needs. A simple set of instructions are there for a reason. Just follow the tag, see if the plants growing properly and adjust accordingly.

3. Repot

Repotting is a natural thing you should gradually be doing as your plant keeps growing through the years. Sometimes you’ll have to change your plants potting mix. Other times your plant will have outgrown it’s current container and you’ll have to move it to a larger pot.

4. Keep the Temperature Stable

Plants are similar to humans in regards to temperature. 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot and they dislike large temperature fluctuations, so avoid placing them near vents, radiators, exterior doors, and open windows.

5. Let Nature run its course

Adapt to the season. If it’s winter you’ll want to water less and not panic over dead leaves. That’s supposed to happen. They’ll more than likely go dormant, which is when plants don’t get enough sunlight to support their leaves.

6. Remove dead leaves

If you do notice a plant is beginning to yellow however, remove the damaged portion of the leaf or the whole leaf if it’s completely brown. Be careful to never remove more than 30% of an affected leaf at a time.

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