Focus on Your Career Major And do Your Art on The Side

A lot of people are uncertain on what they want to major in during college and sometimes consider majoring in a an artistic major, such as creative writing or audio engineering, because they want to be a musician or a writer. Here are 5 reasons as to why you shouldn’t do that and pick a more career oriented major, like a stem major.

1. Knowledge of The World

If you pick a major that exists in one of the sciences, such as biochem and botany to physics and mechanical engineering, you are not only guaranteeing yourself a job with a versatile major, but you’re also giving yourself an in depth understanding on how the world works, from how life is constructed to the mechanics that allow the universe to function, which you can apply to your work and your art. It also makes you look mentally qualified to virtually every employer.

2. School takes the fun out of art

If you’re thinking that school is going to help you with your novel or the song your trying to produce, it isn’t. Your going to be given tasks that have nothing to do with your passion project and if you aren’t interested in that, then you’ll still have to finish the course as well as waste a lot of your money.

3. You can learn it Yourself

There are writers groups and workshops, music production classes, and acting lessons that can teach you everything a college could; for either a fraction of the cost or for free. If you need help finding some sources to start with, the apps Meetup and Eventbrite are good places to start. Their links will be at the bottom if you want to check them out.

4. More knowledge never hurt anybody

You’re probably concerned about how your going to use four years of your life, so you don’t end up wasting time learning something you don’t care about. That’s why you should focus on a career major. As previously listed, you can learn your craft outside of college and get a job with it, if you’re you perfect it, but a major in art means practically nothing. On the other hand a major in one of the sciences or maths, also gives you access to more knowledge that you can use in the future. You’ll be more flexible and versatile in what you can do going forward in your life.

5. You’ll understand yourself more

There is clearly a reason you’re interested in this subject in the first place. Something about it is drawing you in and you may not realize until far later in your life why you were interested in the first place. The only problem is by then you’ll have to start all the way at the beginning to do what want. You can always improve your art on the side, but it’s not as easy to improve your understanding of the world.

Links to Eventbrite and Meetup

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