• The Importance of Having a Moral Code

    We are often told when were younger that there is no point in trying to emulate superheroes as you get older. As it is not realistic to try and live the way they do. While yes it is impossible to swing like Spider-Man or fly like Superman having a moral code is something that they…

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  • The Beauty of Fiction

    Fiction is a beautiful medium that shows the world as what it can and could be vs what it was. Fiction allows for the reader to understand the ideal they could be, if they took specific qualities from the characters they liked. It also emphasizes a basis of empathy and compassion in comparison to cold…

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  • How Practicing Art Improves Your Craft

    You may be a musician, writer, or a painter and be extremely good at your craft. What you might not realize is that by not practicing your art in other mediums your limiting your full potential. When you draw, you draw a picture, but when you make music your making that picture with sounds. So…

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  • Why You Should Write One Page A Day

    There is a huge difference between people who do write once per day and those who don’t. People who write at least one page per day are known to have better handwriting and a higher vocabulary. It will enable you to have a higher aptitude for creativity as well as an easier time forming creative…

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  • Write Yourself Into Existence

    Have you ever tried to become the person you want to be, but fail to accomplish the tasks you set out for yourself. There is an easy way to bypass all the struggles that come from trying to change yourself by simply writing. With one piece of paper all you have to do is write…

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  • Why you should go to therapy in your late teens

    Therapy is a wonderful most people do not use due to their own pride and think they can figure it out themselves. And they just might figure it out, but it’s going to come at the consequence of their life and they will begin to realize that the terrible situation could of been avoided had…

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